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Therall Moist Heat Therapy Mitt 1 EA

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Premium arthritis care.
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Provides soothing warm and pain relief to aching hands, fingers and wrists. Ideal for arthritis, carpal tunnel syndrome, strains, tendonitis and stiffness. Features Microbeads technology: Microbeads absorb and retain moisture from the air. Once heated, they slowly release the moisture for deep, penetrating heat. After use, they begin to absorb moisture again. With proper care beads will never dry out, leak or rupture, allowing for repeated use. Completely surrounds and conforms to the hand and wrist for effective pain relief. Long-lasting soothing warmth. Promotes healing by increasing circulation. Soft fabric is comfortable against the skin. May be chilled if cold therapy is required to reduce swelling. Safe, convenient and easy to use. Can be reheated over and over. Moves with you - no cords or plugs. Heats quickly in microwave. Non-toxic. One size fits all, right or left.


Heat Therapy

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Care: The heat therapy mitt should not be washed or submerged in water. To spot clean the surface, use a mild soap and damp cloth to wipe down. The heat therapy mitt should be wrapped in a towel or cloth during use to keep surface clean. Use: Follow these instructions carefully. Misuse can cause burns. Overheating the heat therapy mitt in a microwave oven can damage or destroy product. Heating: Place the moist heat mitt in your microwave oven. Make sure the microwave oven is completely clean and free of any food debris or fluids. Make sure any extra functions such as those used for grilling or browning are turned off. Set the microwave oven to the highest power setting and use the following guide: 500-650 watts: 2.5 minutes in microwave. 700-850 watts: 2 minutes in microwave. 900+ watts: 1 minute in microwave. When properly heated, place hand in mitt. Heating from warm: If reheating while still warm, heat for only 1 minute and if more heat is needed heat only for an additional 30 seconds. The time for reheating from warm should not be more than 1.5 minutes in total. Continuous use by reheating the mitt may result in reduced moisture - this is normal. Allow the product to rest for 2 to 3 hours and this will allow the mitt to rejuvenate by absorbing moisture from the air to give you an effective moist heat therapy. Heating from freezer: Place mitt in microwave at defrost setting or 30% power level for 3 to 5 minutes. Allow to stand 5 minutes then follow normal heating instructions. Cold usage: Place the mitt in the refrigerator or freezer inside a sealed plastic bag. Allow 2 to 3 hours in the refrigerator or freezer before use. Place hand in mitt. Microbeads will produce dry-cold and comfortable application.


Do not heat this product with any means other than a microwave oven. The Moist Heat Therapy Mitt could be permanently damaged if heated for more than double the guideline times. If overheated your Moist Heat Therapy Mitt will be too hot to touch. Please allow it to cool before removing from the microwave and check if the Moist Heat Therapy Mitt has been damaged. If there is any sign of damage on the mitt, do not use the product - it should be discarded. Do not use while sleeping. Do not allow children or incapacitated persons to use or heat this product unless under supervision of an adult. Do not use Moist Heat Therapy Mitt with creams or ointment preparations that contain heat-producing ingredients. Skin burns could result. This product will produce moisture. Do not use it resting against your furniture, etc. as the mitt will make the surface wet. IMPORTANT: Do not exceed 30 minutes per application. Recommended treatment time is 10-30 minutes with 2 hours in between each therapy. Check the treatment area every 10 minutes to help prevent burns or frostbite. Always consult your physician before beginning any hot or cold therapy. If pain doesn't improve or becomes more severe or if new symptoms occur, consult your physician immediately.

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